PANORAMA VIENNA relies on innovative solar technology from Sto

Facade of the future in the Vienna Prater:

PANORAMA VIENNA relies on innovative solar technology from Sto

VIDA PANORAMA GmbH is setting an example for sustainable energy generation in the Austrian capital with a pioneering façade solution for the PANORAMA VIENNA in Vienna’s Prater. In cooperation with the innovative Austrian façade specialist Sto, a unique concept was developed for the cylindrical circular building of PANORAMA VIENNA, a pioneering combination of solar modules with the latest TOPCon half-cell technology and ultra-modern façade panels. Interested visitors can find out more about the photovoltaic façade at PANORAMA VIENNA’s “Open Day” on May 1, 2024 and also take a look inside the rotunda before the exhibition opens.

A façade with a future

With its huge walk-in circular images, which convey the feeling of being in historical city vedutas, fascinating natural spaces or moments of contemporary history, PANORAMA VIENNA will be a new attraction in Vienna’s Prater once the façade work has been completed. The approx. 33 m high circular building stands in the immediate vicinity of the site of the historic “Rotunda”. An innovative system enables solar energy to be generated on the façade. With an impressive façade area of approx. 3600 square meters, of which approx. 1600 square meters are photovoltaic, the façade will be a showcase project of the Sonnenstadt Wien for solar energy generation in urban areas. The façade photovoltaics alone will supply an estimated 300,000 kWh of electricity per year. This corresponds to the annual requirement of 75 4-person households. The design of the PANORAMA VIENNA façade is perfectly matched to the photovoltaic system. The façade is part of the overall exhibition concept and combines a world of experience, sustainability and modern technology in the Vienna Prater in a completely new way.

The rotunda of PANORAMA VIENNA is not only a special building, but also a pioneering example of sustainable urban renewal. “We are proud to contribute to the realization of the ambitious goals of the Vienna Solar Power Offensive with this project and thus set an example for a future worth living in the metropolis of Vienna,” emphasizes llona Cardoso Vicente, Managing Director of VIDA PANORAMA GmbH.

The PANORAMA VIENNA impressively demonstrates that innovation, design and sustainability can go hand in hand and can be an inspiring model for future building projects in urban centers. At the same time, a unique and unforgettable experience will be created for visitors that harmonizes the fascinating exhibition concept of the giant circular paintings inside the rotunda with its energetically ultra-modern outer shell.

A big step into the future

In this context, the functional energy façade of the PANORAMA VIENNA is fully in line with the plans of Vienna’s city government: a comprehensive photovoltaic offensive is a key aspect of the energy transition and the climate neutrality of the city of Vienna.

2021 saw the launch of the Vienna Photovoltaic Offensive – the largest solar power expansion program in Vienna to date: Around a quarter of all Viennese households are to be supplied with solar power by 2030. Wien Energie, Austria’s largest energy supplier, is pursuing the ambitious goal of producing a total of 1,000 megawatts of green electricity by 2030. PANORAMA VIENNA is making a significant contribution to this vision by focusing on innovative façade photovoltaics and, with its model character, is also taking a major step towards this goal for other buildings in Vienna.

Sustainable energy generation on the façade not only helps to reduce the ecological footprint, but also ensures the quality of life of Vienna’s citizens for generations to come. “We see the integrated PV façade of PANORAMA VIENNA as a flagship project. Together with PANORAMA VIENNA, we want to use this model project to encourage investors, architects and project developers to follow suit. “We are particularly pleased that our extremely powerful PV facade modules (425 Wp) can already be used for the curtain wall and ventilated facade for PANORAMA VIENNA,” says Christof Hernegger, Head of Competence Center System Facades, Sto Ges.m.b.H Villach, the technology leader in the field of facade insulation.
The contractual conditions for the structural implementation are currently still being finalized between the partners. The construction time for the integrated photovoltaic façade will then be 4-6 months.

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